December 28th, 2003


cosmic family bowling

Texas Station casino has a large bowling alley, and encourages families to use it. Last night five of us went to their cosmic bowling - costs a bit more, but you get the black lights and various disco effects - not seriously dark,though. Elaine, Mary, Mary's friend Shauntel, Joey, and I went there to play two games.

We took over two hours for those two games. Joey had a little to do with that. One time one of his balls went so slowly it stopped about halfway down the lane, and we had to put in a call for assistance. Fortunately, these cool lanes offer automatic bumpers, which we set for Joey, so he made points every time. IT was a bit like billiard bowling for him.

I actually did better than I usually do. Came in behind Mary and Elaine, but still ahead of Shauntel and Joey. Mary was the star - 151 points for the second game, as I recall. She's on a team now and plays once a week. She said she hasn't gotten any better but we could see that she has.

It was a lot of fun, and we mean to do that more often now.


I actually joined several weeks ago. It takes a bit of work to fill out the initial questionnaire, so my hope was that anyone who got through it would be worth at least a look. The system combs through member profiles every night and sends out emails whenever there is a match. So far I have gotten two in two months. I did what they recommend, sent out the first feelers, which is a set of five questions.

So far no response to either. Thing is, each person has to pay for a membership to respond. I can see that this means each has to make an equal commitment, and that's a good thing. I can also see getting my minimum of twelve matches and not a one responding to me because they aren't ready to pay yet. I think if that's the case I should get a total refund, and I suggested that. In the meantime I can hope that I won't need or want the refund when the year is up.