November 21st, 2003



Somehow I hurt my back recently. The lower left side. It felt pretty good yesterday, then the pain started to return, and was back during dance class. There were times when I actually grimaced (not that anyone was looking) when making some moves. I finally let others know I was hurting and ultimately left a bit early. Getting to bed was not easy, but I slept all right (for me). This morning I am feeling the pain again, rather intensely. I took some pain pills but they don't seem to have had any effect.

I do hate the feeling that I am falling apart. I think it's a bit of a leap to think that way, but my arm (right) still bugs me, my left arm is having moments, my knees have been bad for years, so altogether I really don't feel too functional. I am close to crying right now. I think that comes from just the wear of bearing the pain.

I want to do weight lifting again this afternoon, just light, using Kathy Smith again. I hope that works. Sometimes these things help, sometimes nooooo. I hope I feel up to doing it.

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The pain continues. It is bothering my stomach as well. I am going home now - lucky me, able to leave at three - and going to bed. It's enough. I'm useless.