November 17th, 2003



As I was driving back from lunch on Mattie Road, I had to slam on my breaks to avoid a roadrunner! I have never seen one in this area before. The only reason I recognized it is that I've been in the desert, where they are far more plentiful. What a treat!

feels so good

I did a Kathy Smith weightlifting video this afternoon, just a twenty minute one. First time in so many months. I have really missed this and it felt so good.

I had to drag the weights out from behind the couch and find a place for the weight bench where I would not be hitting nearby furniture, and I managed. My right arm was still overworked from saturday so it hurt too much to do all of the tricep dips but I did most of them. I like to look at these new beginnings as something to compare to in a week and a month and so on.