October 18th, 2003


Free Cell and FreeHand

I have been playing Free Cell in my off moments for months now. I only recently discovered that the game was keeping track of my wins and losses. This changed my strategy. I had been killing the game when I couldn't find a good way through fairly quickly, thus racking up many losses. Now I spend more time looking for the solution and win more. It will be a while before my wins and losses are equal but I'm headed in the right direction. I think it's funny that I sweat this!

FreeHand is a drawing program that is part of Studio MX by Macromedia. I am playing with it more now and taking tutorials online now and then to get comfortable with it. One can do amazing things with it but I am nowhere near the point where I can see how to get what I want from it. It's always exciting, though, having so much to learn and so many possible rewards from that learning.