October 15th, 2003



Today's the day. Eleven o'clock I get implants. I am at work now, getting a few things done before I leave. I don't know if I will be feeling up for going to work tomorrow.

Day of the Implants

As usual, there was a steady stream of banter during my surgery. The surgeon and his assistants talked of food mainly - what they planned to order for lunch, what restaurants they like, what diets they are currently on (all of them). They joke with each other but it it is not unkind, there is a lot of appreciation expressed for everything, and they don't forget to tell me I'm doing great the whole time.

I'm known in there for my hyperactive sublingual gland, my high production of saliva, and now for my bone density. It's so nice to be appreciated for who you really are.

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Now I am feeling nauseous from the vicodan. Good thing I only took one tablet. Chances are the feeling will pass. It's too much altogether, though, with the grogginess factor. I'm going to bed early tonight.