October 12th, 2003



I went for a hike late yesterday afternoon, first one in weeks. It felt right and good to do that. I chose what seems to be my current favorite, in the Maino open space area. There is a sense of openness, freedom, there. Not only is it used by a lot of people, and therefore large enough to accommodate groups, but there are views from almost all parts of the trail, so it feels connected to the wider city and the world.

Late afternoon on a Saturday was good. I saw very few people on the trail, just a couple of cyclists and hikers, and I do prefer that. It's great knowing that there are many of us who love this place, use it, but I love having it to myself for a little while.

My bones - joints - are feeling it, naturally. I didn't have any cramps last night but had some trouble getting my legs relaxed. It is hard to sleep when they keep reminding me that they are there.

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Kayaking today. Beautiful day but not as many birds as we've seen before. The joke was that this is the weekend the Audubon Society does bird counts, so they all flocked to Morro Bay to get counted.

Paul and I had to share a two-seater. I guess the kayak man has had a lot of other rentals lately. It was fine, the two-seater, except that again I could have used more room for my legs. We could move swiftly when we were in sync. I felt that most of the time Paul was doing the bulk of the work, though. Still, I can feel it in my arms.

After kayaking we settled in Karsten & Yiena's house, drank wine, ate food. Each time Yiena develops a more elaborate spread - this time marinated cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, different types of chips, crackers, cheese. Worked for me. None of us stayed to dance! But we did talk about a dance that goes on in Santa Barbara that sounds like fun.