September 17th, 2003


voice from the past

I got a call today from someone I knew many years ago. She called about a project I am working on. I attended a seminar she led, designed for women, that had quite an effect on me, several years ago. I remember certain aspects of it even now, and remember how I felt when it was over. I asked her if she remembered me. She didn't, but she did remember the seminar and said at forty it was the one thing she was most proud of doing. I also joined a little barter thing she created, and was involved in her efforts to promote "comparable worth". She said she is still pursuing that one. We laughed, it was cool. She gave me her phone number. Perhaps we'll get together.

Once bitten...

Twice shy?? Hardly.

Today the shopping continued. I bought a set of dishes, really nice ones. Too nice for everyday and not suitable for the dishwasher, unfortunately. I now need to figure out where to put them. And a vase. That I do have room for. It wasn't the vase I liked best but it was at a good price and the right size. Good enough.

For years I have thought - when I thought at all about it - of dishes and glasses and so on as something that gets replaced when it breaks or wears out. It is new for me to think of getting these things just because I like them. I see glasses I like and my main thought is, where can I put them? What? Get rid of the old ones?? In this way I am kinda too frugal, I think.