September 16th, 2003


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Looks like I'll be loose from the city council meeting tonight. But this means I have to be at the Oct 7 meeting. TOO MANY MEETINGS.

shopping spree

Starting yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping spree.

After work yesterday I went to the tire store. I bought two radials!! I felt so proud! They feel good, I can tell, I swear.

Today I went first to Payless Shoes, bought two pairs of, actually, I got a head start at lunch...went to Jockey and bought three pairs of trouser socks and a new bra. And just before buying lunch there I bought a book on databases from the outlet book store. After work got the shoes (second one half price, of course), then headed for Borders. I investigated what books they had on Fireworks and ended up getting the Studio MX Bible. Big motha of a book, which I coulda got for 10% less if I'd gone to B&N instead of Borders, but oh well. Did I stop there? Yeah, I did, actually. Quite the little run, though.