August 22nd, 2003


airbrush tans and boy meets boy

Stuck in today's world of television am I. Last night I watched a policeman get an airbrush tan. Then I saw that the tanning salon in Pismo offers airbrush tans. I thought about that, about who, why...what the hell...

Tonight I have been drawn to Boy meets Boy again, irritated and pissy though I am at the format. Starting with fifteen totally gorgeous successful young men, some of which are straight. Eliminating them a little at a time, each time with a glass of wine going to the "winners". Little contrived things like horseback rides and picnic lunches, affording opportunities for "one-on-ones", times when they ask each other questions, really.

The whole idea of fifteen men competing for one, as if that one is somehow better than any of the fifteen. It makes no real sense. And how can you get to know someone in a week, surrounded by cameras, competitors, absurd situations?

One of the guys who was just unchosen said, in his parting words, that he was honored to be part of the great experiment, thought it would be good for the gay community. Maybe, but it really seems to underline a lot of the stereotypes instead.

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A few tics came off my stress sensor today. That is, I am a wee bit less tense. I got the foundation post cards mailed through the mailer, using our nonprofit postal permission. I also am done with the second council report, for the Sept 2 meeting, and the packet is out for the workshop next Tuesday. I wish I were not the one slated to run that little workshop but there doesn't seem to be a good alternative. After all these years I still do not crave that kind of limelight.

Yiena called to ask if I could come to the dance class next Monday, because there will be two, not one but two, loose males on the floor, and she hoped I might be able to pair up with the one I danced with last night. I have a potluck to attend for the chorale Monday night, though, so I can't do it. I would otherwise, feeling somewhat even flattered by the suggestion.

The series of looming stresses includes: the workshop; the 2nd council meeting; finishing of the newsletter. It seems like I'll feel better when these things are done.