August 14th, 2003


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My baby Elaine is heading back to Vegas, while my Baby Hilda Honda is at the dealer's. A light on the dashboard lit up last night, indicating a need to have a look. It is some kind of malfunction, presumably with the emissions system, according to the Honda handbook. I am thinking positively.

On the positive thinking side, Elaine and I went to Best Buy yesterday to look at PDA and digital camera accessories. I wanted to get her a 128-mg card for her camera, but we both saw an alternative that looked better but the item was not in stock. While cruising around the aisles I had to look at the laptops and I fell in love.

It's a Toshiba, has all that I want. Wide flat screen, beautiful. Loads of RAM, speedy processor, DVD/CD-R combo drive, room for another, built in network & wireless adapter cards, harmon kardon speakers within a beautiful stainless steel case. The thing is not a tiny portable but it is perfect for html editing, movie editing and DVD writing, and it's just plain beautiful. I am so drawn to this thing. I tried it out, of course, and wanted it even more. There is an attractive no-interest payment plan.

So I'm giving it thought and doing some research online. I have a rule about buying things at first look. I don't do it, not for things like this.

Of course, if there is a serious issue with my car I may be putting off thinking of laptops for a while yet.

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Positive thinking, of course, involves more than wishful thinking. It involves seeing things in a positive light. Like today. My car. It needs a new catalytic converter plus two oxygen sensors. Very expensive undertaking.

But not nearly as expensive as, say, a new engine. Or transmission.

And it isn't as if these things are optional. If I chose not to get these replaced I would have a heck of a time selling the car or trading it in, doing anything other than driving it into the ground and letting it die. That's surely an option, but I decided against it.

It's only money. That's the other thing. It's a little worrisome but it isn't the end of the world. When something can be fixed with money it's not that huge of a problem, is my view. Not in the larger sense of what a problem is.

So I am a little distressed that I am not going to be as comfortable financially this month as I'd hoped, but wow! I can actually pay for these repairs. Doesn't leave a whole lot in reserve but I'm going to be okay. I'm going to try to stay away from my limited savings, use what else I have, so that can continue to grow at its admittedly slow rate.