August 8th, 2003


not as planned but...

I went to the Concert in the Plaza last night, a little early, about 5:20 (the concerts begin at 5:30, last until 7:30).

These concerts in the plaza are really not singles events, at least not for a person who is somewhat introverted, like me. Still, I enjoyed the time I was there. I waited, watched, moved to the music, watched the dancers, for the first hour. There were a few couples doing the swing at the beginning but eventually the majority of dancers were just moving in place, and there was just one couple determinedly swinging. Reggae doesn't exactly bring out the swing-dancers. So that was a little too bad, to me, because I do enjoy watching them.

I met someone I know there, someone whose personal ad I'd seen online, so I mentioned seeing it to him. We exchanged a few words and he moved on to join whoever he was joining. After an hour had passed I went into the "bar" area, bought myself a beer, a dark one.

On the way out of the bar area I went into a small crowded area, covered with a trellis. The people in this area were all talking loudly to each other, overcoming the sound of the music, and the sound of their voices was wonderful! Wonderful! I can't describe it. I stayed there just to listen a bit, moved slightly out, still heard it, moved a little further, it was gone. It was just in that area outside the beer. It reminded me of the time I rode my bike through Spanish Harlem in NYC, and heard the rhythm of the voices of little clusters of men on the sidewalks, talking animatedly to each other. That was one of those moments and this was another.

I wandered through the plaza, eyes open for anyone I knew, finished my beer and moved on out. Passing a section of lawn, near the Mission, where there was a collection of strollers. The toddler area. That too delighted me, I can't quite explain why.