July 25th, 2003


sleepy times

another night marked by tossing and turning, although not as bad as the night before, and I fell into a deeper sleep toward the end. Woke up late, for me.

We waltzed again last night. The class has been large these last two weeks, ten to twelve couples. Two are getting ready to go to weddings, the others are unaccounted for.

There were moments when we danced last night that I felt light and free, didn't feel the usual pain. These moments are what I keep going for.


I've been nursing one this afternoon.

I feel some frustration, am not entirely focused these days. I work better when I can spread myself around, actually, am less good at focusing on just one thing. At least continually, for long periods.

still with the computer problems

I made some changes to Norton, that didn't seem to make any difference, then I disabled Norton altogether, kicked it out of the startup, and that didn't seem to help. But when I restarted a second time it worked...for now.

It really is difficult to track down the problem when it doesn't happen every single time. I posted the question in two techie forums and got no responses, but did get an email from someone who is having a similar problem. Misery loves company...