July 18th, 2003


kitty wounded

Last night I discovered that STretch had matted and wet fur, and found a small puncture wound on his neck. I put hydrogen peroxide on it and am taking him to the vet this morning. I wish I knew a way to convince him to stay inside. I think I could do it if Bullet weren't so difficult that way.

looking up

The headache is cleared.

I was able to download the virus definitions and install them in a matter of seconds. I notice that the Microsoft task scheduler has sneaked back into the tray, so will remove that. Generally, though, things are running more smoothly on this hard drive.

Not to mention the_fantum sent me copies of operating systems to replace those I have lost! So cool!! Thank you, thank you Bob! When I get the important files copied onto CD I will go with a clean install...and then...well, if worse comes to worse and I fail somehow, I still have this drive...

kitty update

Stretch has an abscess, lots of pus. He's been cleaned up and I can take him home with antibiotics on my way home today. He obviously was wounded a few days ago, not yesterday. These things are not always so easy to spot.