July 12th, 2003


bird seed

I bought shelled safflower seeds yesterday for my birds. Thought I'd give that a try. Maybe it would take longer to get through it, I thought, and maybe it will be less messy. I kept looking, after loading up the feeders, but there were no birds. this morning I thought for sure there would be birds all over it but there weren't. Finally, a few minutes ago, I saw a house finch settle on a perch and actually try some of this new seed and keep eating. I guess that was all that was needed. Now the feeders are loaded. Lovely.

restless and restless

I have that odd unsatisfied feeling that I get when I haven't accomplished what I set out to do. One thing I wanted to get done was to install the Nikon software on this hard drive and upload the birthday pix. But the CD drive is not being recognized. My thought on this, just a loose cable. So tomorrow I take to the computer again, take out the large hard drive, reset the jumpers, replace that drive and plug in the secondary cable. Then check the cabling on the CD drive. With any luck that might get me going somewhere.

I also tried to download spybot, software that looks for hidden spies saving my information and slowing my system. I didn't have any on the other drive, and it's very likely I won't on this one, but I would like to check. But I was unable to get the damned thing to download. I tried three times and each time it stalled. That's somewhat frustrating.

One little thing at a time here, though.

(no subject)

Oh yeah, the computer update. I am running my desktop computer with my old hard drive. It has its own issues, which were what inspired me to get that larger drive in the first place. I have since learned a little about cleaning it up but have not solved all of the problems, by any means. I am not happy with it.