July 9th, 2003


Time to go home

I am about to begin packing. Easier to get stuff together when I am leaving than when I am going, but I still manage to forget a thing or two most trips.

The party went well, if long. I guess for many the "long" is a good thing. There were a lot of people, who arrived starting at two, still were arriving after seven.

It was a classic Hawaiian barbecue. Chicken, pork, sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, tons of each of these, plus the macaroni and potato salads, chips, dips, punch, soft drinks, a few beers (remarkably low on the alcohol consumption), some vodka in the punch at times. Finally there was cake and ice cream, way too much of both of those (Mary gave a whole cake to a neighbor to take home).

Joey took in some good gifts. Lots of hot wheels and cases for hot wheels. I didn't know those were still popular. He liked his sega games, and a bunch of kids retired to his bedroom to play them in turns. Mary and Joe rented a bounce house, which was set up in the back yard. The kids used it in waves, neglecting it for long periods. Overall I think it was a success. For me it was, if only for the bright sunny colors and shading on the children that I was able to capture with Paul's digital camera.

elaine left the party after three hours or so. She was not feeling well and hung in well. I left at 8:30 or a little later, agreeing to meet Mary at the diner this morning for breakfast. That is, I have breakfast at her work. She gave me a thin quilt that she has no more use for, and some bathroom rugs, trying as she is to cut down on the "stuff" or at least make room for different stuff. So my car is quite a mess. I have not cleaned it up since my trek here and have just added to it. This weekend, perhaps, I'll get to it.

Elaine is sicker now. Is in bed, staying home from work.

slow leavetaking

Everything is packed. Elaine, although sick, wants to "do something" before I leave. So we'll do coffee, maybe a bagel, and I'll see Mary after that! I am guessing now that it will be at least noon before I get out of here. And that's okay, really. I'll go from the heat to the cooler clime.

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Home safe and sound. I already called Elaine and Mary. Lay on the couch with Stretch on my tummy. Listened to my breath flowing in and out. I am a little tired.