June 27th, 2003



I have had a time trying for sleep. But at least my body seems to have slowed in emptying itself into the toilet. I may yet get some sleep. I was tempted, for a moment, to take a Vicodan, because I know they make me sleepy, but they also make me nauseous and I don't need any more of that to add to what I have.

Paul went out for Immodium after he got home, spoke to the pharmacist first, learned that taking it would not get rid of the virus, for virus is what it appears to be. The pharmacist said Paul was the third or fourth person today to ask of this illness. So Paul came back with multi-colored bottles of Gatorade, ice for the heat, and some sorbet for when I feel like eating again. It has made me feel better, just having someone do that for me (something I should have done for him when he was sick!).

Interestingly, drinking Gatorade seemed to make me feel a little stronger, better. I have been working my way through the orange one.

I finished a biography of Henrik Ibsen yesterday and just now finished his play, The Wild Duck. I had read Hedda Gabler and A Doll's House before, had been quite taken by them. The Wild Duck has a woeful ending, something Ibsen could do so well. What an interesting person, hiding so much inside, coming to grips with it so late in life, in his way. I loved the biography, which I found on a sale table at Barnes & Noble for one dollar. What a treat, and not the first I have found on those tables.

Where to now...I don't know how to get myself to sleep. Still, just lying down without sleeping does have value, something like 90% of the value of actual sleep, I have read. I would just like to be more out of it right now, not be so damned conscious.


I'm trying some yogurt right now. SEems like a good idea. Intestinal flora and all that. It hasn't got much taste, though, like my taste buds have been switched off.

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Quite the day so far. A cup of yogurt a highlight. Dreams. Dreams mean I was actually sleeping. They also mean I am getting enough vitamin B3, from what I've been reading lately - and it is interesting that I have started to remember dreams, be aware of them, every night since I started taking B supplements.

I watched a Law & Order ep that I've seen before (haven't I seen them all by now, at least twice?). I have felt well enough to write in here, well enough to do crossword puzzles, a couple of rounds of solitaire. It's a definite upturn.