June 24th, 2003


(no subject)

I don't go into fast food places often. Today, though, I wanted a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

It's a busy place, or it was today. It looked like summer visitors, children, grandparents. I do see elderly people more and more at fast food places. Cheap and fast, after all, and sometimes even small servings.

At the Pismo Taco Bell there are two tables, one either side of one of the back doors, tucked into little corners created by the backs of nearby booths. So these are like little private corners. I like them and sat at one of them. In the booth next to me were three people: an elderly couple and a younger woman. They talked continuously and I heard their conversation most of the time as a kind of buzzing, circling. Sometimes I picked out individual words or sentences but mostly it was a steady stream of sound in a constant volume. The sound of top-forty music from the speakers and the voices, not amplified, of the crew members announcing when an order is ready both tend to create enough of a din that the voices of customers cannot always be clearly heard.

When I am with someone and am not wanting the entire restaurant to overhear what we're saying I like all the noise. Or when I want to concentrate on what I am doing and do not want to hear individual words. I never want to hear that music, though, never. This is one big reason I don't go to fast food places often, aside from the actual food reason.