June 18th, 2003



More computer troubles. This time "can't fined win.com. Can't start windows".

I have written to tech support guy (forum) with this latest.

My stomach hurts. These things don't go down well. The tension accumulates, makes me sick. I feel very alone with this.

Once again...

My computer is once again working. Very few programs are functioning, but the printer works!

I downloaded a tiny word processing program rather than wait until I get my CD from Elaine. It's a cute thing, called Yeah Write. Good for kids, too. I may become very fond of it.

For now, cautious optimism. I haven't turned it off and on again yet.

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and on that inventive note...

I had an excel file that I needed to print for tomorrow's foundation board meeting, but with MS Office no longer available I had to find a way to get it printed. At first I thought to send it to my laptop and read it there. I did that, but I don't have a printer attached. So I zipped it and sent it to a floppy disk, thought I'd bring it to Kinko's in the morning.

Then I remembered vaguely about readers. I did a search and found an excel reader online. Downloaded, installed it, opened the file, printed it. Yay!! Done.