June 17th, 2003



Last night Paul and I went to a tango "practica". These are opportunities to practice various aspects of Argentine Tango. As usual, balance was my main problem. I am getting a little better on some things but it does not feel good to me yet. For me it seems so hard, sometimes, that I am tempted to walk away from it, forget it. Yet I know it is really just time that will get me there. After all, this is a "people's dance". In some countries everyone does it. Or did it. So that tells me you don't have to be a certain type to get it. Just as you don't, really, for other types of social dance.

Seven birds on one little feeder right now, just outside my window! Amazing.

My computer continues to evade my efforts to make it work. I made things worse by trying some fixes. Now i am thinking my next step is to change my secondary hard drive. I had forgotten that I installed an older drive in there because it has older files on it that I wanted to get to. But there is another drive that has windows 98 on it, the drive that came with my system. If I install that as my secondary drive I can copy the system.ini file over to the main drive and maybe it will start windows. Maybe.

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disk of FrontPage to Elaine (plus two books)
return of book to Amazon (not what I really wanted)
copy of Lautner book to Switzerland.

This last was a bit of an effort. I copied the book, which is really a thesis, at Kinko's, then managed to fit it into a global priority mail envelope ($9). I am glad I took the extra effort to send back to Amazon the book I ordered rather than figure "maybe it will come in handy some time".

The plus side was, once again, the Shell Beach post office. Only open until 1:30. Rarely a line, nice person behind the counter. Comfortable, cute little place. Afterwards I hit the Steaming Bean for a veggie wrap. They do one hell of a wrap there, with fresh greens, feta, tomatoes, cukes, cashews...I don't recall what else. Very fresh and generously sized, satisfying and not that expensive (I think it was $3.75, less than the rather puny "salad sandwich" I often get at Big Town Hero).

So I feel like I have done a thing or two, getting those packages in the mail. My next plan is to hit Kinko's for some estimates for newsletter printing, use those as a kind of outside estimate (others likely to be lower). The convenience of Kinko's is inviting, in any case. BEing able to send projects to them online and even have them delivered. Not all projects, not all towns, but still.

Then to the dentist for another quickie post-op check. Shouldn't be anything amiss there.

I wish I had made an appointment for my hair. I wonder if it's still possible for tomorrow.

tonight...maybe a video...Do I want to dive inside my computer? I'll be thinking about that.

and so begins

The computer is working again. But many pieces of hardware and many pieces of software are not. I am going to have to install what I have available or what I can get as the time and need allows. Not something I truly look forward to.

My first step was to download an LJ client. Well, almost first. I again chose semagic and again I can't open the damned thing now that I hvae it. I don't know what is up with that thing.

So here I am on the web.

I am grateful that the cable connection is working. That's enough for right now, even though I had hoped to get more done on the foundation web site. There's time and I have the disk, so good enough.

I think I learned a few things along the way that it won't hurt to know.