June 10th, 2003


dental tech

I went in to see my regular dentist this morning because I have been getting occasional nervy twinges when I eat, and I have become paranoid since the first bridge came out. The twinges come from the tooth supporting one end of the remaining bridge.

The dental assistant, Jason, was unable to find anything definitive, which to me is good news in itself. He did find that my bite was a little uneven, that I was biting down on one high spot on the bridge, so he ground down a bit of the opposing tooth. Evened it out. That may have caused some of the pain, the uneven bite, or not. In any case, no sign of decay or anything meaningful. If the pain continues I can go the next step: to the endodontist, who can do tests through bridges. I don't really want to go to that step because I anticipate a fair amount of money for it, but will wait and see.

My dentist recently expanded his office and has now brought in high-tech equipment. There are flat-screen monitors suspended above the patients' chairs, keyboards on the counter (I think wireless). The dental tech writes in symptoms and results in a fancy new program, and X-rays are now digital, show up immediately on the screen. Way cool stuff. Like it.


I went for a walk last night for the first time in about two weeks. Being sick and worrying about the flareup in my left knee had convinced me to lay back for a while. But last night I was motivated to do something.

The motivation kicked into high gear because I was angry at my bank. I like to work out anger physically. Maybe if I had a punching bag I could use that (Elaine has one...hmmmm...).

Sometimes, even, if I am angry and tired at the same time, I am more vulnerable and tend to weepiness or explosions and am less guarded. I like this about this emotional state, even though at times it can mean I say things that are not well-thought-out, that I later regret. I think it would be better if I were less guarded all the time, really, yet in so much of what I do I need to be so careful what I say.