June 9th, 2003


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Bit by bit the performance is improving. Of my computer, that is. But I notice, with only Pegasus running - and the items in the systray - only 69% of resources are available. I suspect Norton. More investigation is in order.

Trauma: Life and death and hunger in the ER

I'm watching Trauma tonight. Funny thing, two of the cases have a certain similarity. One guy is badly beaten up, drunk, and the staff is able to stitch up part of the damage but he won't stay for surgery the next morning because he's hungry. He leaves the hospital so he can stop at McDonalds....

Later, a 42-year-old woman comes in with an apparent heart attack. They do many tests, all negative, decide to keep her overnight. Before they are able to finish the tests, though, she has gotten someone to slip in a cheese steak and fries.

What the hell???

One of the surgeons there said, about the first guy, "Some people don't have the self-discipline to do what's needed." I hadn't thought of that, it would not have occurred to me that people would leave the hospital because they were hungry, or would get someone to bring in a cheese steak while being checked out for a heart attack.