June 8th, 2003


small things

I got my hard drives successfully connected to the new card yesterday, the one that wouldn't recognize them before. Then I cleared some of the junk out of the tray, the resident programs. Starting up is faster now and it seems like the performance is a wee bit improved. I am looking to other things to continue improving performance, but I know there will be a limit with my Pentium II. Still, I am now considering it may be time to install the Adobe programs k gave me.

I am also spending more time at webhosting talk forums. So many posters, so much good information. When I go to buy a reseller account I think I will know what I am doing.

tracking down the little devils

After killing a number of programs that stay in memory yesterday, I took a look at the system performance and got messages about MS-DOS compatibility mode and how this affects the performance of the system. It suggested that some program needs an updated driver or else needs something else but it was unable to point me to the offending program. I have too many programs on board here, have no idea which is the culprit.

So I went to PC Mechanic and posted the question there. I am hoping for response from someone who really knows these oblique messages and can point me in the right direction.

mystery solved...

Turns out my adapter card was the culprit, needed to have drivers installed. It had been so long since I installed the card that I had completely forgotten that there was software that came with it. I couldn't find it, anyway, had to go to the maxtor site and download it and install it. That cleared up the MS-DOS compatibility issue. Whew. One more little thing solved. Makes me feel good.