June 6th, 2003


just a few

I have to head for work in a few minutes, but thought I'd check in here anyway.

Cool outside, cool and gray, the way I like it. Maybe it will be beautiful in Pismo. I also like that.

Dance last night was encouraging, enjoyable.We both remembered a lot, picked up more quickly, this time around with rhumba. Nice dance, I think. Maybe we'll even do tricky things this month, trickier than we have so far.

I can't find my rent bill. It has utilities included, so it is never for the same amount, so I need it to write my check. I'll have to do a better search when I get home from work. Tonight, more one-act plays. Yeah.


Yesterday we all got jackets. Dark blue, lightweight but sturdy cotton jackets, with the Pismo logo and "Pismo Beach Planning" sewn on them. A first for the planning division, although other departments have had shirts and jackets forever.

I love the jacket. I feel such an odd thing, a pride, in having it. It is emblematic, a symbol of my acceptance as one of the Pismo Beach team, and for whatever reason this pleases me greatly.

It isn't normally like me to want this sort of thing, to like it, not to scoff at it. Why is this different? Perhaps it has to do with having flown the SLO nest in 1998 and having found acceptance elsewhere. That's part of it, anyway.