June 3rd, 2003


from Amnesty International

In the past two and half years the Israeli army has killed more than
2,000 Palestinians and Palestinian armed groups have killed more than
700 Israelis. Most of those killed were civilians and included some
350 Palestinian children and more than 90 Israeli children.

The Israeli army has also destroyed more than 3,000 Palestinian homes,
vast areas of cultivated land, and hundreds of commercial and public
properties. Prolonged and disproportionate closures and curfews
imposed by the Israeli army throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip
have impeded or prevented Palestinians' access to medical care,
education and work. Poverty, unemployment and health problems,
including malnutrition, have spiralled as a result.

The spread of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
continues and the measures taken by Israel purportedly to protect the
freedom of movement of Israeli settlers, whose presence in the
Occupied Territories violates international law, have resulted in
increasingly widespread abuses of the local Palestinian population's
human rights.

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I watched the Buffy episode where Oz comes back, and he and Willow have to break up again...and I actually got teary-eyed. I think I'm a little on the edge today, these days. In some ways I prefer being on the edge because I can't always control what I do, how I feel. There's a relief in that, and of course an honesty of a sort.

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Lately I have gotten on a first-name basis with several tech guys at various web hosting places. The guys at digitalputty, which is actually based right here in town (I could actually meet them) have gotten fairly informal with me. Today's mail from Jeff starts, "Yes, my bad Judith..."

I love it. I bet, though, that if I were to go in there and meet Jason and Jeff, they would still their little feisty hearts and no longer write to me this way. So perhaps it is best I keep out of there, tempted though I am to meet actual guys who do this shit. Lest there be any misunderstanding, I am not lusting after their youngish selves. I just enjoy the exchange.


It isn't my eyes or my legs, anyway. I'm just restless tonight. Stretch has been snuggling with me and somehow in my half-dream-state I mixed him up with some forms I have been creating and some PHP programs I have been using, and I have been thinking a lot about writing these programs myself, and somehow Stretch was involved in that. I can never explain these dreams properly.

Apparently Elaine is feeling inept lately, too, not getting mail programs to work and so on. When I reach a certain point, going down one path and then another and not solving the problem, I walk away from it for a while. When I come back I am often able to put it to bed. At least not be as irritated by it.

My current issue is with a calendar. Supposed to be so easy one can set it up in ten minutes. But I had trouble right out of the box. I wonder sometimes why these things happen to me so often, if I am alone in this. Somehow I don't see a lot of things the same way most people do, so when they explain how to do a thing I take the instructions apart and can't get there, can't make each step work for me, without a lot more work. Oddly, though, I think it is this condition that makes me a good technical writer. I know where the weaknesses are, I know what the questions are, that ordinary mortals will ask.