June 2nd, 2003


(no subject)

My eyes look pretty nearly normal today. Still stuck together in the morning, though. This is slow going but thank heaven there is improvement.

My latest issue of Planetizen (planning newsletter on line) has a link to the New Times article on planning that was out the Thursday before last. It's a stupid article, essentially providing a lot of misinformation about the local planning process and supporting conspiracy theories indirectly. The Planetizen article labels it "Friday Funnies: the dark side of planning". No other comment is made. One SLO planner did write to NewTimes in response, and his was a measured, calm, thoughtful letter that ended by saying that journalists rule, not planners (the title of the article is "Planners Rule"). It irritates me that this article made a national planning newsletter, but the planners who read it will only be laughing at it.