May 12th, 2003


such a grand night

I woke with stomach pain last night. Probably gas. Of course it wouldn't just go away. I lay in bed, read a while, took a shower, went back to bed, read more, gradually got back to sleep. Then dreamed of Nietzsche, for heaven's sake! Thanks, nickyludd! Just thoughts about equality and superman and ubermensch...and I haven't even read anything of his!

So it stands to reason that I feel like warmed-up death this morning. The pain is there, but minimal now, but I am SO tired. I may call in today, come in a bit late.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Summing up the weekend's activities:

Good: I got the family calendar working again. Bad: it isn't in a protected directory with a link yet. Ugly: all of the previous entries are lost.

Good: I mowed the grass. Tossed an old gate and part of a lattice.

Good: I went on one hike, didn't die in the effort.

Good: change sheets on the bed, had Stretch helping me. Reminded me of Simba, who would get himself made into the bed.

Good: made photo album for Mary for Mothers Day. Online. Bad: will cost money to keep it there, at the fujicolor site. But not a lot.

Good: talked to Mary. She likes the album, likes the paypal account.

Good: made reservations for Elaine, who is coming to the concert!!

Bad: Ate too much.

Good: worked out issues with chorale site. Ugly: some things are out of date.

Good: Got a guestbook up on the lautnermotel site.

Good: Got a coming soon sign up on

Bad: stomach pain, lack of sleep.

Bad: I'm making even more of a mess in the living room. Photos all over, books, magazines.

Good: sorted out clothes cupboard. I can find stuff in there now.

Good: made lentil soup.

Good: filled bird feeders a couple of times, watched birds. I love watching birds.
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ho ho ho

So I said I'd be late going in this morning. I am starting to feel a bit human, not great. Maybe it's more than gas, given it's still here, just not as painful.

I sent an email to someone on I have purchased enough credit for five emails, have now sent four. The other three didn't even reply. I seem to have quite a gift.