May 7th, 2003



There is such a huge potential to meet people online who are from other countries, other cultures, and to form a bond or at least develop an understanding. Sometimes the similarities in our thoughts are, to me, remarkable. When not, the differences are fascinating. Which is why I am surprised at the willingness in this country to demonize, particularly to demonize middle-eastern countries, but also to demonize, for heaven's sake, the French! I would expect people to be more aware now, more able to see that any one country is not made up of cardboard cutouts, each indistinguishable from the other.

Perhaps the real demon is our lack of attention to history, our inability to remember even five years ago, much less what happened a hundred, a thousand years ago, that might have effects even now on others in the world.


I signed up for an online class in PC troubleshooting. Starts May 21. I figure I am bound to learn something from it, even if I don't track down what exactly to do about my own computer. IF I do not succeed in fixing things on my own computer, I will take it to a guy I know. That's the plan. Can't hurt, might help.


I went to a class on binoculars tonight.

Yeah. It's looking bad for me. I am turning into a birder. I bought a field guide to North American birds yesterday.

I decided to walk to the class because it was at Marigold center, a fifteen minute walk along the railroad track route. Only tonight it took over 25 minutes, limping and in pain the whole damned way. On my way out of the park, my neighbors drove up, offered me a ride, and I said no, fool that I was. I figured I would work through the pain. But I didn't. I limped into Wild Birds Unlimited and carefully lowered myself to the chair, thanking the store owner silently for providing chairs, and feeling quite put out when I had to get up to pick up the printed materials. I tried to grab them off the counter from my seat but that didn't work and it looked funny.

The class was good. I learned a lot about how binoculars are built, what the different numbers mean, what's important, what may not be. Lots of things to consider. We then tried out binoculars and spotting scopes outside, in the dusk. I was so impressed by them all that I could not choose just one to like. I will go back again and again and try them at different times of day.

The walk back started as painfully as the walk there, but the pain eased somewhat as I went along. I just went slowly, one step at a time. When I got home I took one Vicodan tablet, thinking it will help me sleep.

Enough whining for tonight. I do seem to be in a testy mood, somewhat anyway.