May 6th, 2003



Used to be I'd talk about the rehearsal to someone or would write email about it. Now I just post in my journal. I am sure the recipients of that email got tired of hearing about it anyway.

Faure - We really nailed the Sanctus last night, and the sopranos sounded wonderful on the "lux" - I forget which movement that is - I worry about them when they have to be high and light because many sopranos can't get the note or they have wobbly vibratos. They sounded like angels, I thought, last night. The hardest thing for us all was staying quiet, really developing the power of low intense volume. That's what I worry about most, that we will, in our enthusiasm, be too loud.

We will be singing with a chamber orchestra this time. The original setting for the work. Thus we won't have to overpower anyone and need not worry that our voices will not carry.

That arrangement also suits the Vivaldi. Light, fast singing. I just love it, love it. I could sing these pieces all day long. I am warming to the Halsey Stevens' work but I am not there yet.

Even more than at other concerts, it seems, I want others to hear this. I think we are at our best here. We've done more impressive work and done it well, of course, but I don't recall feeling this confident at this stage of the game, ever before. Oh, except for once. Haydn's Creation. I practically had that memorized and we just tore through it. It seemed perfect.