May 1st, 2003


not having fun yet

My left leg won't let me sleep. It is clearly having its own flareup and will take its time getting over it, and hiking the hillsides is just going to prolong it, but I am so restless, so sick of laying off, so in need of the exercise. I could swim, which somehow doesn't hurt as much, yet it's so troublesome getting to the pool with everything, finding a lane that's free, and just swimming period, as I need to learn breathing all over again. I liked swimming for a while years ago, but never as much as I like bicycling or hiking.

In any case, night after night I arrange, rearrange myself, trying to find a position that is comfortable for this leg and it isn't going to happen. I think I need to take some anti-inflammatories until it eases.
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Oh shit. Now my right leg is doing it. I think I am in a mood, and my body is attacking me because I can't relax. I took a couple of Excedrin, thought about Vicodan...maybe later...

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I'm not as sleepy as I feared I would be, but I am at loose ends, in a way. It is hard sometimes for me to lay out what I need to be doing, to get things lined up in the right order. Some things are not clear.

I am on telephone search again today, trying to track and speak to two utilities folks. I hate the telephone. I get such a runaround over and over. I have to keep calling different numbers, calling back, catching messages, calling again...hate it.