April 15th, 2003


I love it when my brain gets in gear in time

Dorothy reminded me that we were planning to bring a gift for Steve when we stay at his motel this coming weekend. Our yearly retreat, we hope this will become. Steve is always so generous in so many ways.

Last year, when we stayed the first time, we sent him a gift box with local wine, nuts, Linn's preserves, olives, a number of other local goodies. I also sent him post cards I had made, using photos I took of the motel and of us together.

When I stayed there with my daughters, we left a potted bromeliad on the counter. The last time I stayed there, over Thanksgiving, I intended to send him a gift certificate to Home Depot, but completely blanked, never sent anything.

Today I remembered the post cards. The last ones were fine, but were on a lightweight card stock, not really photo-type, something of a compromise. I had trouble finding the right type. I am going to start prowling Office Depot and whatever other places I can think of to get the right quality paper, cut for post card use. Dorothy is going to bring her photos, which Steve has not seen. So I'll have a number from which to choose when I get to printing.

It would be especially cool if I could design it with a short blurb on the back about the motel. Worth thinking about, anyway. Add another project to the list.