April 13th, 2003


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Rain much of last night. I love the sound of it. I am glad I did that hike yesterday, because today it will be too slippery and muddy. If I have the energy to get dressed relatively soon, I may yet get some good pictures. In the meantime, I've managed to complete Elsa's tax returns, except for some information I need to get from her, and I've added a couple of "sorry" pages to the chorale site, for the programs that are not working yet.

Lazy Sunday

I went over to k's place this morning, after my slow start. We were going to walk, but the rain started pouring, so we nixed the idea. We just sat with coffee and talked. A little later, k's friend s showed, so the three of us talked, then ate k's food.

It's nice to get together and chat about the things on our minds once in a while, to throw some ideas out, find out what others are thinking as well. I have long held hope that some day I would have women friends whose houses I could visit, and who could visit mine, just to sit and talk. It's nice that we don't need an agenda or an excuse to do this.

I'm home again, have been trying to figure out details of a web script, eating crackers, thinking.

Yesterday I finally created file folders for the various papers I had in my bag, that I have been working on. There are LOTS of files. Lots of things to do. Yet I sit here frittering away the hours and it's really okay. For now, anyway.