April 10th, 2003


picture pain

I am uploading my pix on my main web site, but it's down right now. That's why you can't see anything...grrrrr. I'll be moving that site to a more reliable host sometime soon.

(no subject)

Jill today. Overall, I feel cheerful, up. Yet still tired, wanting sleep. I'm still grappling with various projects that have gotten hung up for one reason or another, non-work type. I am always asking myself why I take things on and then get bogged down in them. I don't think the answer is not to take anything on that sounds interesting to me. It is perhaps to limit the stuff I do that is *not* interesting to me. And to find ways to foist maintenance stuff off on others!

Expressing myself

I had hopes that this journal would help to contain me, be an outlet for my thoughts, so that I wouldn't go off inappropriately elsewhere. It hasn't done that, not entirely.

Yesterday Elsa sent around a copy of the new agenda format for newspaper ads. The writing is horribly archaic, entirely in the passive voice, and excessively wordy. It is hard to understand it. I wrote back with a few words on the subject, then said "there. that's all. I'm done." But of course all was not done. Others in the dept. agreed with me and now there's a move afoot to change the language.

I don't mind the move, but I am worried that I come across as a scathing critic of a lot of what our city clerk does, and that this may not buy me the attention I need when I need it. I recognize the need to keep things smooth, unruffled, and this has become a little hot, this topic. On top of an argument I had with the city clerk on "consent agendas".

I am not keeping to the "right way" at times. That is, seeing people's words as either "please" or "thank you". And responding in kind. That is, kindly.


Jill this aft, then I stopped for a few groceries and went home. A little later, dance, more foxtrot. We firmed up some steps and learned, barely, some new ones that we might firm up next week. I was not feeling all that well, felt congested, but thought I'd be okay and I was. Sometimes I feel unbearably tired going to dance and yet the class does revive me.

so of course I got stuck watching ER afterwards. GOOD episode.

And got an email from the registrar about the chorale domain name...it's transferred! I contacted the new host asking if they now need to do anything to make it point to the right location. What a struggle this has been. Now I will need to get two more domain names out from under the old host, and may need to go to the registrar again for those. At least now I know there's hope.