April 4th, 2003


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I'm coming closer to getting the beat hotel site up, thank heaven. The name transfer succeeded this time. My only problem is that I haven't found the right ftp address to allow me to upload files. It has been one frustrating time for this site. Most of these things are usually so simple. In this case, there were so many variables, complications.

grandmother thing

Mary is home safe. She said that at about 8:30 last night, while she was driving home, Joey told her from the back seat, "Joey's going to sleep now. But if you want to talk, just say 'Joey, wake up'." I know I am the grandmother and all that, but doesn't this seem like the words and thoughts of a boy older than three? Maybe not, maybe not. Maybe he's just tuned in to his mom, recognizes that she likes having him to talk to while she drives.

energy loss

I want to sleep, just to sleep. I am plugging through the day, trying to tie up the issues remaining here at work, don't know if I can. Don't know if I'll make it through the work day.


As I was lying on the couch, trying to get warm, reading good escape material, I finally had a flash, how to get into the beat hotel, how to set the ftp program so I could upload files. I went to the computer, tried it, got in. Immediately I uploaded the "coming soon" page and I am so relieved. I can now get to work on this site for real. Having that block just kept me from working on it. When I have that kind of thing in the way I can't seem to ignore it. But relaxing is often the way to an answer, thank heaven.

There is another answer I want, but it can wait.
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