March 31st, 2003


web host suckery

Last night it occurred to me that I could open a web site specifically to let others know about the sucky treatment I've gotten from Today I registered the name, so I can do this any time I feel like it.

Then I filed one more help ticket with freehostingweb:

I have repeatedly asked for your attention to this domain name transfer request. You have ignored all of my help tickets, all of my email requests for help except for one small one some time ago.

I have just purchased the domain name, and fully intend to create a web site that describes the problems I have had and that others have had with your service. If you decide you want to start actually providing service and answering my help tickets and transfer requests I may rethink this plan.

The first thing that needs to be done is the transfer of the domain name to:


The second thing that needs to be done is the transfer of the domain name to:

I am not even asking for my money back for these domains (as well as others, which I will address later). I just want the names transferred immediately.

If anyone actually reads the help mail maybe I'll get some kind of action. I have a couple of other plans in the works as well. I see no reason to hide the name of this web host. I feel the more often I diss them the better.

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Another tidbit from Mark Morford of S.F. Gate fame:

== It's French For Christ But Your President Is A Dink ==
A British man named Eric Bush has taken a dramatic step to protest the
U.S.-led war in Iraq -- he's changed his name. Bush, a 72-year-old
retiree living in Jonquieres in southern France, says he was "ashamed"
to bear the same name as President Bush, as pretty much anyone with a
pulse and a conscience and a soul would be, and as most thoughtful
Americans now are, deeply deeply ashamed, or rather more like
embarrassed, horrified, no one really fond of being the bitter
laughingstock of the world, the most inarticulate smirking leader in
American history, oh god make it stop. His surname was officially
changed to Buisson, the French word for bush. "People tell me that this
will pass, but I don't agree, because this name will go down in history
as that of a tyrant," he said. The pair of giant rats who frequent the
dumpsters behind Buisson's apartment will, however, retain their
nicknames of Rummy and Dick, given their propensity to feed on rotten
dead things and to lovingly nibble on each other's mangy ears after a
particularly hearty meal of pigeon roadkill and love/hope/kindness

don't make me stop

Another one from Morford. I couldn't agree more...

== My Mom Can Blow The Living Crap Out Of Your Mom ==
David Klemisch's day begins at 7 a.m., when he gets his two older
youngsters up and dressed for school and prepares breakfast. "I've got
it down to a science," said Klemisch, who allots 15 minutes for
dressing each of his three children: 18-month-old Nathan, 5-year-old
Sara and 7-year-old Collin. But this stay-at-home father now finds
routine is sometimes far from routine as he struggles with laundry,
meals, and the schedule of his active children while his wife, Kris, a
Navy lieutenant commander is aboard a ship at war half a globe away.
Klemisch takes turns with neighbors driving the youngsters to school.
After school, there is homework and baseball for Collin and T-ball for
Sara. Isn't that wacky and ironic and sweet? It's dad playing mom while
mom's away blowing the living crap out of Iraq! Get it? It's reversed!
The man stays at home and watches the kids while the wife fights evil!
It's all cute and sad and stuff. It's an actual story on the AP, one of
those pointless weakly sentimental tales of how military families cope
with war. Dad can we have mac and cheese for dinner again? Can I watch
cartoons until bedtime? When will mom be back from launching $500
million in horrifically lethal ordnance on a piss-poor nation in the
name of oil and US corporate interests and expanding our power base in
the Middle East? Will she make my soccer game? Dad?

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Not what I'd call a great day. I have been sleepy-feeling, couldn't wait to get home. But I intended to sweep up the driveway when I got home, so I thought, I'll do that, then I'll take a nap, then maybe I'll take a walk. I did the first two but the walk is farther and farther from my mind. IF I am to keep up the three days a week I'm already in trouble, because tomorrow is the dental op, and I know I won't be walking then, unless I do so early, and maybe I will.

Anyway, Stretch has been stretched on my bed most of this time I've been home, some of the time snuggled with me and I tried to catch a few winks. It would be good to try attaching the hard drive to the new card again but I'm thinking, no energy for that.

Mary will get in tonight, is going straight to her dad's house, getting sleep. Tomorrow she'll come over here after my op, maybe make me soup or something, talk a little, depending on how much talking I'll feel like doing. Rehearsal tonight, and I've seriously considered not going, just sleeping. Boy. Not my best day. I think my lack of energy comes from lack of success at this damned domain name business, getting resolution on three or four similar issues. When things are suspended like this it makes me edgy, uncomfortable, and sleepy.
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