March 30th, 2003


Feeling nervy

I want to go ahead and install the card. I am hesitant because I installed a similar card some time ago, and was never able to get the hard drives recognized.

But. If that happens, I can replug everything back where it is now, go on with my sluggish machine, feel sorry for myself. It seems like I reach points where solving computer problems becomes more than I want to do, so I go looking for a new computer. That time may well come soon.

No feeling of satisfaction

I got the card installed in the computer but the hard drives would not be recognized. I replugged them into the motherboard, and they still weren't recognized. I took the plugs out again, took the drives out again, changed the jumpers again, plugged back in, got the main drive recognized, while plugged into the motherboard. In other words, square one, no change, except that the card was recognized, but it didn't get installed.