March 28th, 2003


the car

I brought my car in for service this morning, left it there in a line of cars brought in before the shop opens. The head mechanic there just called, asked many questions about the hesitation, will call again in about an hour, let me know what is up. The service is going to cost a bundle but no more than I had anticipated from previous visits, from asking. So far so good, anyway.


Of course the mechanic didn't feel any hesitation. They never do, and I've had it in three times for that same thing. But they did remind me that there are brake issues...oh lord. Almost doubled the already-large bill. I'm going to have to take money from savings that I just put in there so I can pay the rent next week. Damn. Not the end of the world, not even close, of course. And I do have some small reserves here and there, too, so it isn't as if I have to live on potato soup. Although I will likely be doing that after my next bone grafting op anyway.

Life isn't so very bad. The NEW name,, started working today. And the OLD one,, is working again, at its old site, because the idiot host fixed the hacked site but has not transferred the name. So there are now two master chorale web sites with very similar names and pretty much the same stuff on both. Pretty soon it will be possible to get there through as well. Not all solved yet, but better. The beat hotel issue is still smoking, though.