March 27th, 2003


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Late yesterday k and I went on a hike near the bird estuary in Morro Bay. It was beautiful, the right length, not too long or too high, but because it was late in the day we ran into hordes of mosquitos. HUGE mosquitos. I ate one of them, smashed another on my forehead, and had several on my jacket by the time I reached the car, along with at least one tick. Both of us wanted nothing more than to take everything off and take a shower, which is what I did at home. The clothes went into the wash, too.

Beautiful, though. We just need to remember next time earlier in the day.

My legs are feeling the effects of the walks and hikes that I have stepped up a bit lately. I feel sure, though, that I am stiffening up less than I would be if I didn't do anything at all. I limp when I get out of bed in the morning but as the day progresses it gets easier.

Tonight, dance. A different kind of challenge. Still cha cha, which I really like.

the goats

A little herd of goats has shown up on the south end of Higuera St, next to the freeway. Each time i pass them in the mornings I want to stop, look longer. Today I am leaving a little early so I can do this, perhaps take a few pictures.


On, we get to see statistics, comparisons:

Stats You Average

Times your profile has been browsed 9 105

Times you've visited Emode 36 40

Days being an EmodeMatch member 21 25

Photos in your profile 2 2

Emode tests you've taken 10 6

Emode test results shown in your profile10 5

It's illuminating. Especially that "Times your profile has been browsed" one.