March 24th, 2003


not alone

I've been reading the web hosting forum and discovering that many servers and sites have been hacked. There is a security loophole in one of the control panel programs that lets them in. The sucky part is that it looks like a lot of these hackers are leaving anti-war messages. This is a horrible way to get a point across. Like people are going to listen to it when it involves destroying legitimate sites.

headache headache headache

I woke with one, again. Have been, the last few days.

I am obsessing on these hosting dilemmas. Getting answers is like pulling teeth, except with teeth I think you have a chance.

It would not be a big deal to me if I were not managing other people's and groups' domains. They depend on me and I have certainly let them down. This isn't the kind of learning experience I prefer.
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some hope after all

Someone on the chorale board suggested that one of our local ISPs might offer web hosting in exchange for advertising in our programs. I called the folks and they said sure. I said sign us up. I went to the current host to transfer the domain name. It's in the works and I am relieved. It will be a few days or more before all is back online and all is working correctly, but so far so good.

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K is on her way over, and we'll go for a walk. Soon enough so I'll be back at a reasonable time.

I am so far very happy with the response I have received from one of the web hosts. As soon as I come up with a new umbrella domain name I'll be signing up and then transferring some of my sites over. I may get out of this hosting nightmare yet.