March 21st, 2003



I am hanging in limboland, unable to figure out how to transfer a domain name to my new place, because I don't have specific DNS identification for the new place. I wrote up a help ticket but so far no response, since yesterday. It's a different kind of arrangement than the last so I don't really understand all the ins and outs yet.

I hate being in suspense, not knowing what to do next. I hope I will be able to resolve this today or tomorrow, so I can get something up on the beat hotel site. ASAP. In the meantime it is making my stomach hurt.

the clock

The computer clock stayed on time yesterday. It is now three minutes behind, though. Not getting behind as quickly as it was. I do think I should be looking into a new battery for it, if I can find it in that case. Sure, of course I can.


Yesterday I walked in Poly Canyon with K. Just a smallish yet effective walk. I felt a bit limpy as we got back to the car. Last night, dance, which started to get to my legs pretty well into it. Manageable. Today perhaps I'll sit it out. I have my little volunteer thing going this afternoon, anyway.

I want to get back to weight lifting but have to figure out a simple way, without moving the couches.