March 17th, 2003


who, me??


You'll Get Caught Doing it In the Wilderness!

Unlike girly girls, you don't mind dirt, sweat, or grime.

You are are into natural men, and you love the way they look and smell.

You love the peacefulness of being outdoors and would never consider yourself an indoor person.

You especially dig the risk of getting naked outdoors.

You love the feel of the air on your naked body, and you love the fear that a stranger might be watching.

Your heart thumps, waiting, silently. Who is it going to be?

You have a secret fantasy of getting taken against your will.

You spend so much time outdoors that you know how and where to run away.

But, would you want to?

Where Will You Get Caught Having Sex?

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I'm cold. Headed for bed soon. It's way too late. Rehearsal tonight, good one, and usually that means that I stay up later, even when I have felt very sleepy during the rehearsal itself.

In the process of taking my computer apart and apart again yesterday, I dropped my optical mouse and the track ball (it's a weird kind of combo track ball and mouse...) came out and ever since the damned thing has been misbehaving. At least it is just a mouse.