March 16th, 2003


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Progress of a sort

I bought 256 mg of memory and installed it today, and a 120-gig hard drive and installed that, but I am not quite done with that installation. I copied all my files from my old drive onto the new one, and now I have to change the jumpers, make the new one the "master". Which means unscrew both drives, change jumpers, screw the new one into one slot, and one of my tiny drives into another. Then plug the power supply and motherboard cable into both. At which time I would then find out if my computer recognized the new arrangement.

I am going to turn off the computer tonight so it is ready first thing tomorrow, so I can get right to that.

seems like Sunday morning

And it is.

I got the new hard drive in its rightful place as master drive. But in the process I managed to kill a slave drive. I think it's a minor error, and I will likely fix it the next time I have the computer off. There is little on that drive that I usually have any need for, so not a big deal.

More irritating is that when I tried to play Law & Order, the computer was not able to read the new CD-ROM drive, which had the required data disk in it. That drive has been working fine, has copied CDs, is playing music right now, so it was probably a minor thing too. Still, minor things add up, in me, to a feeling that I can't quite get it right. But I will, I will. IT is a matter of walking away from it and coming back fresh later.

When I get all things working as well as I am able I might start looking into yet...

hard drive hell

I managed to mangle things in my computer so that first one, then both hard drives were not showing up. I made a couple of really stupid mistakes - forgetting to plug them into the power supply was one, I won't even mention the other because it was *that* lame... for a while I worried that I had caused irreparable damage, even though that is usually not the case with this sort of thing with the kinds of mistakes I made. But now I have at least the Big One working. I will take that for now, and won't even turn this baby off for a bit, just live with it. Then when I am stronger I will work on figuring out the issue with the slave drive. Just didn't want to be a slave, is my bet.