March 7th, 2003



Today I will meet friend Madalyn for a quick dinner downtown, then a movie at the Palm. Madalyn will be moving to Michigan in May. When that happens, no more dinners and movies.

This weekend, probably Dorothy and I will meet for another dinner and movie.

Trying to find times that work for my friends and for me is sometimes frustrating. But I am doing more persevering, am keeping these friends in my life, even though we don't see each other often.

I do think that my dream of having a friend who just drops by for coffee and talk is a little unrealistic, considering the kind of person I am. I like to sit and talk. It's one of my favorite activities. But I also do a lot of other things, seem somehow driven to do them. I sense that friends are more important but I haven't adjusted myself entirely to this concept.

It's nice to think of organizing things so that certain blocks of time are for work, other blocks are for volunteer work, others are for personal work and rest, and other times are for friends. But friends don't usually work their ways into my life that neatly, and often if I try to force them into the right blocks I will find I have no friends at all. Finding the balance is the goal here.


hooo boy, another sleepy day. I hope I charge up before the movie tonight. It may be that I am just being affected by the rather dry stuff I am doing at work.