March 6th, 2003


Dancing shoes

I have to take a break from reading Kurt Vonnegut's comments on Bush to say a few words about dancing shoes.

I got mine Tuesday. They are Capezio dansneakers, a type of practice shoe, and they are different from any other kind of shoe I've ever had. They fold in the middle and are snug all the way around and have a bit of a lift to the heel. I wasn't sure they were the right size.

Tonight I took them to dance class and asked Yiena about them again, after having asked in email. She said they are snug, they will fit your feet, they will feel "like gloves". She said they feel very strange at first, and they certainly do. I slipped them on and while they felt quite snug I thought they would be all right.

It was only after I'd been out there a while - 1 - rock - step cha cha cha rock - step cha cha cha - and after we'd been introduced to some turning variations - that I realized the shoes were doing me some good. I was finding the turns a whole lot easier and stepping in general easier. The night didn't exactly fly by, it wasn't what I'd call an unmitigated pleasure, but perhaps it would have been if I had only shoes to worry about. I also have this left knee that is quite stiff and a bit problematic, so that mitigated the pleasure, but not so much, not much at all really. I really felt like I was learning, getting it, like we both were. I think I will enjoy the shoes more and more as they become more natural to me, and I will dance better, and this is such a nice thing. I feel so good about it.
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