March 3rd, 2003


so it went

The weekend was actually full. It's funny that I count a weekend well-spent if I actually do something other than lie around, and particularly if I go somewhere.

Saturday morn was the city rummage sale. That is, anyone working for the city of PB could participate. Not all that many did. There were maybe ten to fifteen tables set up. I brought a small number of awkward kinds of things: two printers, each with problems, an exercise bike that I said worked but that turned out didn't, quite, CD & video holders, a puzzle, a couple of overnight cases, one of which was locked securely with a combination lock - and I have no idea what combination was used. Others brought boxes and bags of clothing and all kinds of miscellaneous items. It is amazing to me what people actually buy.

I either sold or gave away the whole bunch, so it was successful to me. (The remains were given to Goodwill, which was scheduled to pick up at the end.) I bought two nice sweaters, 25 cents each.

Saturday afternoon I worked on chorale web pages, made some good improvements and corrections. Just today I thought of something I should have done differently, which I'll get to later. But it was productive, worth the effort. Later, Paul & I saw The Quiet American, a very good film, at the Palm Theater. And after that, we rented The Bridges of Madison County, which Paul had seen and I had not, and enjoyed that.

Sunday saw me working a bit on web stuff and then we walked downtown, only to remember it was Mardi Gras parade day, so we stayed for that. The parade was not terribly long and did not have quite the level of outrageousness I have seen other years, but the spirit was there. Everyone having a good time, a lot of cross dressing, a huge crowd yelling and grabbing for beads. We walked back. Today I am limping and a little stiff but I am sure that will pass.

Last night we watched Being John Malkovich, which I had seen and Paul had not. I liked it just as much the second time.

Today I remembered to return the videos. Too damned impressive.

and now I am back to secondary units. Getting numbers, reading the thesis, thinking.

Over the weekend I thought and talked about getting better at web design, and how I might approach it more methodically, through classes. I think it's time to pursue more programming classes. I think it's possible that I could actually enjoy doing this for money.