February 21st, 2003



There's something about the three-quarter time that makes the waltz more graceful, fluid, than 4-4 time dances, to me. Last night we learned several small steps, actually got them all, at least part of the time. It felt so good to be doing it. I felt like I was really dancing. My knees were cooperating as well, not feeling as paralyzed as they sometimes do.

I felt like saying, "Look ma, I'm dancing!" I want to let the world know.

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From the SF Gate Morning Fix, a word from Mark Morford:

It's almost like learning something

sedulous \'se-je-les\ adjective [L sedulus, fr. sedulo sincerely,
diligently, fr. se without + dolus guile] (1540) 1) Involving or
accomplished with careful perseverance 2) Diligent in application or
pursuit sedulously - adverb; sedulousness - noun

Usage example: Methodical and determined and remarkably sedulous for
someone so heavily medicated and whose blood actually consists of
cleaning solvents and Roundup herbicide and old bongwater, Lynne Cheney
went about her morning ritual of kneeling before the rat-altar and
slowly, painstakingly anointing herself with gunpowder and Jell-O
pudding pops and whatever the hell that Dow chemical stuff is that Dick
uses to maintain the illusion that he's actually alive.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

pagemaker pagemaker show me the way

I'm determined to finish the foundation newsletter this weekend. But I am struggling with Pagemaker. I have not used it much and I left it months ago to pursue other dreams. Now it is getting back at me for my neglect and it won't let me in on its secrets. I am dumping some of my frustration in here, just to get it off my back.