February 20th, 2003


In at last

Livejournal has been under attack and I have been unable to get in since last night. (I read the LJ status page.) But now I'm back!

I had a restless night, stayed awake for hours. What is it, I wonder, that keeps me so wound up? It isn't specific things that happen to me, because this is a fairly common thing for me, and I always tend to sleep lightly, get up often.

The little Stretch was accommodating as always. I moved him from one side to the other, to under the covers and outside, to on top of me, to the left or right of me, and he stayed relaxed, trusting, settled wherever I put him. Bullet stayed the course in his usual spot at the head of the bed, next to me but not touching.

I think the poison oak is on its last legs now. No sign of new outbreaks anywhere, everything healing.

This is not happening.

I found some caramels on Elsa's desk. I thought I'd have one. I bit into it and my other bridge popped loose. The one on the left side of my mouth. I cleaned off as much caramel as I could (I need to work on that more) and pushed it back in place and called the dentist's office. The person who answered was not the right assistant, so she is having the right one call me back. So that's where it is...I may be spending more time at the dentist's office this afternoon.


The dentist's office will fit me in at about 4:30, squeeze me in between others. If there is an earlier opening, they'll call. 4:30 is okay with me.