February 3rd, 2003


(no subject)

The chorale site is moving to its own domain at last. I am uploading all the files right now. I just tested my own email address and it worked. Next, I want to forward from the last domain as well as from the .com domain. This is cool. I hope all is working by the time I head for rehearsal tonight.

I had my hair cut and highlighted today and it looks good. Lots of compliments at work. The shape of the cut looks good on me. So this is perking me up, too.

And for dessert I had the most delicious ice cream with sauce. Actually for dinner, I should say. A combination of white chocolate and raspberry ice cream with real vanilla with caramel-filled chocolate hearts, topped with a chocolate, wine, and raspberry sauce. Damn. Courtesy of Paul. Could almost live on that stuff except it does make quite an impression on my stomach.