February 2nd, 2003


Sunday, Sunday

Home from a walk. My left leg is not behaving. But sometimes, when I walk, I can get to thinking and looking and almost forget about the leg. Today was the first time I have been walking down the railroad tracks and have heard a train behind me. I got off the tracks and down the slope with no problem. I have wondered if the sound of a train would paralyze me. I wonder why. Maybe because I've had those dreams where I couldn't move, was paralyzed with fear. It's been a long time, though, since I've had one of those. Even worse were the ones where I couldn't yell for help. All that would come out was gibberish.

The bird feeders are filled. This morning the finch feeder had quite a little assortment of finches on it. Lovely.

The ridiculous thing is that I have, indeed, been in contact with poison oak for the third time in a row. When I put that sweater in the wash, I worried that some oil might have gotten on me. It isn't much, fortunately. I seem to be managing it well with Zanfel about once a day for each new little patch. Just on my hands, very little. The scars and scabs from the last two bouts are still healing. There is a dramatic difference in how quickly my skin heals now that I have become so elderly. It's not a nice thing. But...as they say...consider the alternative.