January 31st, 2003


paying bills

My paycheck should have landed in my checking account sometime around midnight last night, or before, but it hasn't shown up yet. I don't know what that payroll office is up to this time. I suspect that putting together the W-2s threw them, got them off schedule. But it worries me. I guess the worst that could happen is that there will be a check in my envelope today and I'll have to deposit it myself, and that's okay, so I don't know why I'm bitching. I would be more worried if I were out of town.

I already went online to pay a credit card bill and my telephone bill. I would pay the cable online except they only offer the automatic payments. I am already making too many of those, and they sometimes come along at the wrong times.

The rent is due from this paycheck as well. I actually like paying bills, feeling responsible, doing the right thing and all that, but I worry when there are so many draws on my account that there isn't anything left to live on, much less save. I know I need to work harder on keeping money in there.

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oh yeah, and let's not forget that I have a hair appointment Monday. I figure a large check will be paying for that. I haven't given up on the notion of doing the most with the hair I have, but it is costly. Not exactly in line with my efforts to pare expenses to the bone. But I do think we make choices, we try to focus on what matters most to us. Right now, this matters, having a good haircut and color matters. Perhaps in the future I'll get back to more fundamental things, and my hair won't matter as much, and I'll be back at Fantastic Sam's for a trim every month or so.


The review came out yesterday. I forgot to pick up a copy of that paper. I have to go to the newspaper office to buy it because it isn't available around here, just in Cambria. James called last night, left a message saying what a nice review it was, so well-balanced, emphasizing the warmth of the performance. It's nice of him to call like that, each time. I am going to try to remember to stop by the newspaper office either on my way to or my way from work.

a little break

Today I go to a housing workshop all day. Until three, actually, perfect for me. May go long, of course. It doesn't start until 9:30, so I have a long time to get there. Cool.

Last night was a "dance" instead of a "dance class". The instructors showed us a simple east coast swing step, which I sort of got, and then the floor was open just for dancing. They played music for rhumba, cha-cha, tango, waltz, foxtrot. I remembered some of the basic steps of these other dances, but both Paul and I were most comfortable with rhumba, of course. The dance gave me an idea of how it will be when we hit regular dance floors out there, like at the Madonna Inn. I think "faking it" has a nice ring.


I remember that Toyota ad: "What will you do with the money you save?"

As if people who bought Toyotas had money left over.

They were making payments. They didn't have any money "saved". I have noticed how many commercials suggest that by buying their products you are actually saving money. It's a funny concept. I know what it means, technically, that you are spending less than you might for some other brand, but I get a sense that advertisers don't mind if you get confused about this. If you might even think that you are doing your part for the economy and for yourself, that you are being noble.