January 25th, 2003


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This is supposed to be my busy day. But I have not even started. I'm dressed, showered. That's something. Watching food TV. Everyone is creating super bowl stuff. Everybody. How does one choose? ?

Martha Stewart had Rosie O'Donnell for ten minutes. Rosie mentioned her rose garden, said that Barbra Streisand had sent her a rose bush. Martha said "she sent me one, too". There was almost a little edge there. Later, Martha introduced Rosie to Camembert cheese, said "you won't have to buy cheeze whiz any more". Martha, Martha.


I met Ingo and his sister downtown, at Monterey St. Espresso. They bought me a latte and we talked for about two hours. It was a good conversation. I remember now when I first heard from Ingo, when he wrote about a print ad he had seen that had the Sheats-Goldstein house in it. He then came out to LA to see this house and others last summer, and now he is on his second trip.

He was very hopeful, coming out, that he would land a job at some architectural firm in the LA area. But he is much more discouraged now. Nobody seems to have any openings, there isn't much interest in him. He is going to keep trying from Germany after he returns.

We talked of many things. The world situation, the way the news is presented here (very local - he was shocked at the lack of information our news channels provide), the effect of good architecture on our lives. When I found out his sister is a pharmacist I had to ask about the drug testing and availability in Germany. I had heard it is far more open, that is, far more extensive drug testing takes place there and is not done by the drug companies or paid for by them. She said yes. She said you can't buy aspirin in the supermarket in Germany, and the largest size you could get would be maybe 30 tablets. She was amazed at the easy availability of so many dangerous drugs here. Too true.

She is working toward a Ph.D. in chemistry, hopes to land more of an administrative position in a testing lab or some similar place when she has that, probably in two years.

They were going to stop in Pismo Beach, get down to see the beach, on their way back to the LA area, where they have a hotel room near Venice. They too love Venice, and Ingo said he likes the friendliness of Americans, even though he knows it is superficial most of the time. He likes being able to get into conversations so easily. He said in Germany people keep their heads down, don't reach out like that, although in Cologne, where he lives, it is more friendly, a special place.

We'll continue to keep in touch. He'll send me copies of his pix of Desert Hot Springs at night, and a copy of the film he makes eventually, if he completes it, from his 8mm movie camera.

It reminds me I should get back to getting that website updated...among other things...

Discovery channel

Buffy isn't all I watch. I have lately been watching Monster Garage and now I am watching myth busters.

I love these shows. I love them as much for the funny ideas they have - turning a sports car into a golf ball picker, for example - as for the relationships between the people. The people who work on these projects find ways to get their ideas across, to work toward the goal, and there isn't so much competition as amazing cooperation. Nobody loses. It gives me some hope for the species.